Peace & Love!!
It is 2:28AM and I am with my daughter at the hospital awaiting the birth of my grandson!!!  She is 4cm dilated!  The dr says Hunter should make his appearance by later this morning (it's her third baby - contractions are strong and close together).

I will keep you posted!!!!


Still waiting.  Her contractions slowed down and became irregular after her epidural so we're waiting for her dr to get here to decide how to proceed - thinking he'll give her pitocin.  Gosh I hope I get to meet my grandson soon!!

Here it is!  It turned out beautiful and my daughter loves it!  There are six chairs - 3 of one kind and 3 of another - we painted them all black and they look great together.  The important part is that now her entire family can sit together for meals.  Their old table only had 3 chairs.  

I have to say that it was a nice feeling being able to provide a seemingly big ticket item like that for one of my kids without breaking my budget.  

The other nice thing is how much she appreciates it.  There was a time in her life when she didn't really care about stuff and didn't take very good care of her things.  As an adult, she seems to have a better appreciation for simple things - like a table and chairs - and will cherish it.

Of course I'm now thinking about what to make for them for NEXT Christmas!  I may tackle a few quilts throughout the year.  We'll see.

The very first thing I'm doing in 2016 however is making a list of resolutions.  I know, I know................BUT I plan to keep it simple and hopefully by charting my progress (and maybe a few of you doing it with me), I'll be able to KEEP the resolutions.

What resolutions will you be making this year?

Here it is - FINALLY!!!  I think it looks pretty darn good.  Now I'm waiting for the chair I ordered to arrive and this present is ready!  Yayyyy!

In front of the destk the round looking black thing is the bottom of my other daughters table.  We forgot to take a before picture but its a round (very, very solid) table from the mid-70's.  I'll try to find a picture of a similar table and post that with the "after" of the one we've redone.  

I so very much enjoy making each of the kids something.  I still have things that my grandmothers made me years ago and I cherish them.  I want my kids and grandkids to have these things to remind them of my love.  

For my two grandaughters, Nataleigh and Ryleigh, I've made stuffed bunnies. I didn't make anything for my 6 year old grandson.  I need to put some thought into that.

Hope you're having a blessed day.

Peace and love!!!

Well, it took him a day and a half but he's over it.  My GAWD..............I love him to pieces - I really do but for pete's sake.  I'm attempting to move on from it.

So onward.  I still have some Christmas shopping/crafting/baking to do, as well as a final paper for my nutrition class.  I am remaining positive that it will all get done!  

One of our projects was redoing a desk for my daughter.  Here is the before:
We aren't quite done with it yet.  I'll post the after pictures tomorrow.  I think she's going to love it!

Not one to be excluded, our little Daphne got in the picture as well.  She is just such a peanut.  King Charles Cavalier's are such great companion dogs.  She is the most gentle, playful, quiet puppy I've ever had. Hopefully, she'll let me get stuff done this weekend.

On the agenda is:

~ finish the desk - I need to go purchase drawer pulls
~ finish my oldest daughers table and chairs (we forgot to take a before picture but I'll post an after one)
~ find one or two more gifts for my boyfriend
~ find one more gift for my son-in-law
~ wrap gifts
~ finish my paper
~ bake the following:  Italian Cream Cake; Chocolate Sour Cream Bunt cake; Cranberry Pound Cake  - All very, very yummy.  Let me know if you'd like the recipes!  I'm happy to share!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Sprinkle some holiday cheer everywhere you go!

My ex and I have been apart for a little over four years now, divorced for a little less than one year.  I began seeing my current boyfriend a few months after splitting up with my husband.  My boyfriend and I have lived together with my boys for a year now.  It has NOT been an easy transition for any of us.  My relationship with my ex is roller coasterish at best. My boyfriends relationship with his ex is, well, I have no idea - he doesn't really discuss it and I've never met her.

Last night, for the second (yes second) time while on the phone with my ex (who, FYI was yelling at me), I accidentally called him "honey" in front of my way to take it back, no way to cover it up, said it as plain as day and now my boyfriend is PISSED.

The first time I did it was a year or so ago.  I was simulaneously talking to my ex and my boyfriend, got absolutely confused and called the ex honey when I meant to call my boyfriend honey.  Last night, I directly called my ex honey. Sigh.....  Did I mention my boyfriend is pissed??
So, what to do, what to do???  My boyfriend feels I must still have some connection to my ex still because I called him honey. That is completely beyond the truth.  We do have a connection because of our children and that will never change but I'm over the marriage - I have been for a long time.

I tried to explain that I call EVERYONE honey - I even called my boss honey one time.  It's just what I do.

With all of that said, lets revisit that I have not met my boyfriends ex (who he is still technically married to).  I've met the mother of his oldest son, I've met both of his sons, all of his family but not her.  He goes to see his 17 year old son and spends time (a couple of hours) each week with him at HER house.  I don't say a word.  Nada.  

I apologized and have no clue what else I can do.  

At the age I am at, cohabitating with another human is so difficult, particularly after you've lived alone for a few years.  

So, I will go home tonight and see if he's speaking to me yet.

  Wish me luck my soul sisters.  I'll keep you posted.............
Todays LOL:

My 6 year old grandson recently spent some time at my house with my 12 and 16 year olds listening to music - maybe not the best idea in retrospect. So he says to his mother, "At Nana's we listened to a song about big fat butts. What does he mean when he says you know what to do with that big fat butt? What does she do with it mom?". 

My daughter said she almost passed out.

I, however, laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and am still giggling about it.  

To fully understand why I find humor in it, you should know that my daughter was THE BIGGEST instigator of bad behavior in her younger siblings.  So this incident is actually her own fault - at least thats my theory.

I have to say that there is no greater pleasure than watching your children parent their children.  Not only have I dealt with the inevitable "I'll never do or say _______ to my child" statement but because there is a gap in age between the first two kids and the second two, I've had to deal with the older girls trying to parent the younger boys WITH me - which, to me, at times has been more frustrating than co-parenting with my ex.

So now, my reward for making it (almost) through all of that is I get to watch as my daughters parent their kids.  I am blessed (and amused almost daily)!!!!

Karma at its best!

Have a joyful day!

60 degrees mid December - I'll take it!  I spent most of my day in the garage sanding a desk I'm redoing as a gift for my daughter.  Nothing quite like procrastinating until 12 days before Christmas!  And to be honest, I've done minimal shopping so far (I'll be wrapping stuff on Christmas eve - again).

I am the queen of procrastination.  I don't know why - I even have trouble getting to work on time most days.  I have yet to figure out exactly why I do it or how, for the love of God, to STOP.  Sometimes, I think I enjoy the adrenaline rush I get from having to beat a deadline.  It's a sickness. 

I do know that when I don't procrastinate, it feels good.  I enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done on time without going into panic mode.  One would think that would be enough to keep me on track.  Not so much.  

I don't discriminate on what I procrastinate about either.  It could be doing my laundry, going to work, getting actual work done or even taking my contacts out before I pass out at night.   I'm all over the board with it.

I've tried making lists and asking others to motivate me (i.e.: boot me in the butt), yet I keep doing it.  Sigh.

Here's a great article about procrastination.  I do seem to fit the rebellion catagory..................hmmmmm.

My boys a month or so after we brought them home.  This is one of my favorite photographs of them.  Aren't they beautiful?  <3

My heart is full having just read that Sandra Bullock adopted another child from foster care.  As an adoptive parent of two children who were in foster care, I can tell you there is no greater joy.  These boys - who were 2 and 6 when we adopted them - have been two of the biggest blessings of my life.

Unfortunately, not all adoptions turn out well.  There are many horror stories out there and trust me, I was worried.  

Our intent initially was to foster until we found a child, preferably a baby, to adopt.  Our first placement was a twelve year old girl who I will call "A".  Let me tell you sister, fostering a twelve year old girl is not for the faint of heart.  Fostering, in general, is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a very special person or couple to take in these children, most of them wounded and sad, and care for them like they are your own.  

I think some people also have the misbelief that foster and adoptive children should be grateful to be in a "good" home.  First of all, they're children.  Second of all, 98% of them have seen, felt and experienced things that would bring you to your knees.

Our foster daughter had been abused by her step-father and discarded by her mother when the court said this young girl could no longer live with her step-father.  A's mother had a choice to make and she choose the man over her flesh and blood.  I can't tell you the number of hours A spent sitting on my lap, rocking and sobbing that she didn't have a mother.  It was heart wrenching.  On top of that, there was substance abuse, physical abuse and God knows what else that she witnessed prior to coming to us.  She would make references to drugs and sex that I had never heard before.  

Even though we were able to get her settled into our home, she kept acting out in school and eventually had to go to a different school district, which meant she had to be moved to a new foster home.  At the time, my daughters were 11 and 13.  They couldn't understand why A acted out the way she did and why she had to leave.  My youngest daughter was heart broken when A left.  I was too.

So it was at that point we decided we would simply (ha ha) adopt rather than foster-to-adopt.  

After our experience with a pre-adolescent we decided we didn't want a child any older than 10.  We were willing to accept a sibling group but no more than two children.  Sounds simple enough - HA HA. 

Well, our county generally doesn't have young children who are adoptable so we kept getting calls for older children.  We kept saying no even as guilty as we felt about it (and it really sucked saying no).  Our caseworker sent our homestudy out to other agencies across the country and we were finally matched with two boys ages 2 and 6. Keep in mind that we were into this process by about 7 months.

We drove 6 hours to meet them.  I knew the instant I saw them that they were my children.  

You see, ever since giving birth to my second child, I'd felt like someone was still missing from our family.  I longed for another child.  I prayed for another child.  Almost daily...........I can't adequately explain the empty feeling I had where this child was supposed to be.  And then, after a 6 hour drive and laying eyes on my sons, the feeling left me.  Its never returned.

I'm not going to say its been sunshine and roses, because it has not.  Raising children, in general, is not.

The adoption process itself was long and stressful. The six year old had some behavioral issues.  The two year old spent the first week throwing up all over everything because he was so upset.  I have never in my life been vomited on that much. 

But here we are, 10 years later.  Two of the loves of my life - blessings, absolute blessings.  I wouldn't change a thing.  it was all worth it - the wait, the stress, the vomit - all of it.

Today I read that Sandra Bullock adopted another child from foster care.  KUDOS to her!!!  I got chills when I read the story.
I've attached the article for you below.

The lesson in all of this, for me, has been that the universe has a plan.  We fight it, try to manipulate it and ultimately relinquish ourselves to it.  I'm so thankful the universe sent me these boys.  

I hope the universe sends you what you're wishing for.  Have a blessed day my soul sisters!!!
There's something to be said about star crossed lovers.  I think everyone has that one person who got away.  That one who drifts into your thoughts every now and then and makes you wonder what might have been..........your heart races when you think about them and the notion crosses your mind to try to find them on social media just to see how they are....

I had that one - note I said had.  We reconnected some twenty years later.  I'm completely clear now why it took so long.  Sometimes the universe simply knows how to time things.  He needed to grow up (signficantly) and I needed to chill out.  We would have killed each other if our younger selves had gotten together.

I think when a relationship is that explosive, its difficult to maintain.  But we women want the fireworks and the passion.   Secretly I think we like a "man to be a man".  At least I do.  And its tough to find a man who is able to balance all of those things - ya know, along with being sweet, thoughtful, and HOT.  

One of my all time favorite celebrity couples was Lucy & Desi.  They had such chemistry on screen and off.  You could see that they loved each other and drove each other crazy.   Below I'm sharing an article I read today about them.  Enjoy.

Peace and love!

Soul Sisters Unleashed