Peace & Love!!
As promised, here are some pictures of the latest addition to our family.  I spent most of the day at the hospital again today just holding the little love!  He is a little snuggler and was very alert.

 I also had lunch with my three other grandchildren, my other daughter and son-in-law and Hunter's daddy.  

Isn't he adorable???  I guess technically, all babies are ;)  And all grandmothers think their grandchild is.

I could have sat and gazed at him for hours.  There is something so special about holding your grandchild.  It's a feeling you can't explain - it has to be experienced.    I remember how sweet my parents were with my kids (I also remember thinking "who are these people" - because they were never that sweet with their own kids).  

But now I get it.    When my 6 year old grandson comes over to kiss me on the cheek or my 18 month old granddaughter sees me, squeals and runs into my arms.  Today when I told her I loved her I SWEAR she said it back.  

There's a special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.  I am thankful every day that God has given me the gifts of these children.  They are precious.
So there were some funny things that happened during Hunters birth.  

First his father had been celebrating New Year's eve when my daughter went into labor.  He (literally) passed out at the hospital when they got to the delivery room and woke up with a pretty good hangover.  When it came time for her to push, he tried to stand by her to watch but couldn't stomach it.  She told him to go sit down - no one would judge him.  I promptly said "Oh I will" to which the dr cracked up and told Amanda that her mother was a funny lady!   I'm not sure she completely agrees!

After she gave birth to him, the dr looked at her and said "at least your mother wasn't pushing with you like she did with your sister".  Obviously, they had the same dr.  And I did push simultaneously with Danielle.   I couldn't stop myself - even after it was pointed out to me.  My stomach muscles were sore for days.

It has been a blessing to witness the birth of all four of my grandchildren.  I am thankful that my daughters and I have such a close relationship and that their significant others are tolerant of it (and me - it can't be easy having me for a mother-in-law).

I hope you all had a great New Years!

Peace and love!

Soul Sisters Unleashed