Peace & Love!!
Define happiness.  What does it mean to you?  Is it ever changing or do you have one steadfast definition? 

I find it difficult to do because my definition regularly changes.  There are times that I'm simply filled with joy because of the sunshine and other times when its a tad more complex.  Today I'm filled with happiness that I get to see the sunshine for another day.  That I woke up with my love and my adorable puppy yet AGAIN, both snuggled in close to me. That I was able to get into my car (albeit old) and drive to work with a fresh cup of coffee.  That my daughters now call me for advice like I called my mother when I was their age.  This is all happiness as I see it.

Today, its also about reminiscing - remembering those friendships from so long ago.  I have been so very blessed to have great people in my life and so many still remain.  Happiness.

Do you create your own happiness or do you wait for and hope someone else will?  I have learned that I am ultimately responsible for my own happiness.  There are day-to-day factors which may affect it but when it comes down to it, it really is all me.

I was watching a "Super Soul Sunday" with Oprah the other day where she said when things get rough, her mantra is "all is well".  After some thought I decided I'd try out her mantra.  Two days later, my friend passed away.  I have found myself repeating "all is well" MANY, MANY times since that day.  Though she's gone (and way too soon) I  know she wouldn't want me to dwell on her passing.  She would want me to celebrate her life.  I'm trying.   Happiness is having known her.  All is well.

Stay happy my soul sisters.  You deserve to be.

Peace and love.


Happiness for me is being surrounded by the people that I love and care for and we'd just do the things that we like together. I'm also happy when I'm with my significant other and we'd do all the things that conventional couples do, like watching a movie. Happiness is also being able to reach your goals. Those are the things that makes me happy.

10/07/2016 10:55pm

For me, the definition of happiness can constantly change because of the factors that we consider during the formulation of the said definition. This always leaves me with the question on whether the definition changed or have I changed as a person. Maturity can be a contributing factor on changing the way that we think and this can be helpful for us. But I really agree to what you said that we are ultimately responsible for our own happiness. Because happiness can be altered if we get affected on what other people will tell us in everything that we do.

10/07/2016 11:01pm

Happiness is one thing that is really hard to define because for me, the definition depends on the person trying to define it. This can change from time to time and we can't do anything about it. Sometimes, the definition of happiness can change because of the environment that we are in, or because of the situation that we are facing. Subjectivity can be a factor here but ultimately, like what you said, we are responsible for our own happiness. If I'll be ask of my own definition of happiness, I guess, it is to enjoy that simple things and be thankful for every situation that is to come.


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