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So this just happened.......we're having our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with all of the kids (because the boys are going with their dad on Thanksgiving). I finished up shopping for a few things & picked up dinner for tonight. One of the things I grabbed was a rather large butternut squash. I grab all the bags & my purse out of the car, manage to unlock the door and attempt to put the bags on the counter. As I'm setting them down, the squash slides out of the bag. I try to catch it between me and the counter and in the process it slides further down the lazy susan cupboard which opens and the Damn squash falls behind it causing the cupboard to jamb open.....yeah.....welcome to my world. After unloading the shelves I was able to move the cupboard around and flip the squash up on its end with a spatula thus unjambing the cupboard. I seriously do NOT know how these things happen to me!


04/15/2016 3:29am

Children’s most lovely cartoon character Pokémon. When this is mixed with meal they will enjoy this more while eating and watching. This is a nice combination. Parents feel lite from children’s eating problems.

03/12/2017 9:01pm

What a bad day for you! you've learned the lesson that not everything should be done easily for squashes. Squash is a heavy weight vegetables that's why carrying it is pretty hard.Well, everyday isn't a sunny day. At some point of our lives, we need to experience some hassle things for us to learn. Sometimes, that is God's way for us to be knowledgeable.May it not happen to you again.


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