Peace & Love!!
Well, it took him a day and a half but he's over it.  My GAWD..............I love him to pieces - I really do but for pete's sake.  I'm attempting to move on from it.

So onward.  I still have some Christmas shopping/crafting/baking to do, as well as a final paper for my nutrition class.  I am remaining positive that it will all get done!  

One of our projects was redoing a desk for my daughter.  Here is the before:
We aren't quite done with it yet.  I'll post the after pictures tomorrow.  I think she's going to love it!

Not one to be excluded, our little Daphne got in the picture as well.  She is just such a peanut.  King Charles Cavalier's are such great companion dogs.  She is the most gentle, playful, quiet puppy I've ever had. Hopefully, she'll let me get stuff done this weekend.

On the agenda is:

~ finish the desk - I need to go purchase drawer pulls
~ finish my oldest daughers table and chairs (we forgot to take a before picture but I'll post an after one)
~ find one or two more gifts for my boyfriend
~ find one more gift for my son-in-law
~ wrap gifts
~ finish my paper
~ bake the following:  Italian Cream Cake; Chocolate Sour Cream Bunt cake; Cranberry Pound Cake  - All very, very yummy.  Let me know if you'd like the recipes!  I'm happy to share!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Sprinkle some holiday cheer everywhere you go!



Last month, I fixed my little baby desk as she was always argue with me. I give it a try but then realized don't mess up a good thing so take a favor from a local store boy. He fixed that and given it a new color. Thank you for sharing!!


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