Peace & Love!!
There's something to be said about star crossed lovers.  I think everyone has that one person who got away.  That one who drifts into your thoughts every now and then and makes you wonder what might have been..........your heart races when you think about them and the notion crosses your mind to try to find them on social media just to see how they are....

I had that one - note I said had.  We reconnected some twenty years later.  I'm completely clear now why it took so long.  Sometimes the universe simply knows how to time things.  He needed to grow up (signficantly) and I needed to chill out.  We would have killed each other if our younger selves had gotten together.

I think when a relationship is that explosive, its difficult to maintain.  But we women want the fireworks and the passion.   Secretly I think we like a "man to be a man".  At least I do.  And its tough to find a man who is able to balance all of those things - ya know, along with being sweet, thoughtful, and HOT.  

One of my all time favorite celebrity couples was Lucy & Desi.  They had such chemistry on screen and off.  You could see that they loved each other and drove each other crazy.   Below I'm sharing an article I read today about them.  Enjoy.

Peace and love!


04/25/2016 2:43am

Sisters are always love each other because of their family ethics and rules or regulations. I know its important for all of us to make our life great. Without these type of great family ethics the people cannot able to remain good.


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