Peace & Love!!
It is 2:28AM and I am with my daughter at the hospital awaiting the birth of my grandson!!!  She is 4cm dilated!  The dr says Hunter should make his appearance by later this morning (it's her third baby - contractions are strong and close together).

I will keep you posted!!!!


Still waiting.  Her contractions slowed down and became irregular after her epidural so we're waiting for her dr to get here to decide how to proceed - thinking he'll give her pitocin.  Gosh I hope I get to meet my grandson soon!!



04/06/2016 1:24pm

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02/05/2017 2:18am

Have you met him? I'm worry about it! Is he ok now?

05/11/2017 4:14am

Grandson? My congratulations! This is so cool!


What about your grandson? Is he 1,5 y.o old now? What is his name?


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