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My ex and I have been apart for a little over four years now, divorced for a little less than one year.  I began seeing my current boyfriend a few months after splitting up with my husband.  My boyfriend and I have lived together with my boys for a year now.  It has NOT been an easy transition for any of us.  My relationship with my ex is roller coasterish at best. My boyfriends relationship with his ex is, well, I have no idea - he doesn't really discuss it and I've never met her.

Last night, for the second (yes second) time while on the phone with my ex (who, FYI was yelling at me), I accidentally called him "honey" in front of my way to take it back, no way to cover it up, said it as plain as day and now my boyfriend is PISSED.

The first time I did it was a year or so ago.  I was simulaneously talking to my ex and my boyfriend, got absolutely confused and called the ex honey when I meant to call my boyfriend honey.  Last night, I directly called my ex honey. Sigh.....  Did I mention my boyfriend is pissed??
So, what to do, what to do???  My boyfriend feels I must still have some connection to my ex still because I called him honey. That is completely beyond the truth.  We do have a connection because of our children and that will never change but I'm over the marriage - I have been for a long time.

I tried to explain that I call EVERYONE honey - I even called my boss honey one time.  It's just what I do.

With all of that said, lets revisit that I have not met my boyfriends ex (who he is still technically married to).  I've met the mother of his oldest son, I've met both of his sons, all of his family but not her.  He goes to see his 17 year old son and spends time (a couple of hours) each week with him at HER house.  I don't say a word.  Nada.  

I apologized and have no clue what else I can do.  

At the age I am at, cohabitating with another human is so difficult, particularly after you've lived alone for a few years.  

So, I will go home tonight and see if he's speaking to me yet.

  Wish me luck my soul sisters.  I'll keep you posted.............


08/09/2017 6:05am

In life we have many more problems and tensions. Many peoples want to take the rest through medicine and it is not good we should choose the natural way for peaceful life. Friends and family pat of our life and try to keep the balance in all type of relationship.


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