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So you're looking for a new toy!  Let me direct you to the Kindle Fire HD 7.  

I absolutely love my Kindle Fire HD7.  It is my "go to" electronic device.  It travels everywhere with me - I mean EVERYWHERE.  I take it in the car to listen to audiobooks, I leave it on my night stand so I can pick it up to check my blog quickly or look up things on Pinterest, I bring it to work with me so I can read on my breaks. I have downloaded textbooks for my courses, games for when I'm bored (ha.ha.ha.) and use it just like I would a tablet or IPad.  
With a Kindle Fire you can surf the web, manage social media, download apps and download books.  

The selling points for me with the Fire were:

1.  Cost

This was a biggy.  I think I spent around $100 when I purchased mine.  They've now gone down quite a bit in price.  

I have purchased tablets in the past and I have to say that the Kindle is a much better product than a generic brand tablet for the cost.  

2.  Ease of Use

I literally took it out of the box and started using it.  Set-up was EASY.  I didn't want something that I had to fiddle with because I'm am the least techy person I know.  

The only real issue I've had with it, was one time (in 2 years) it froze.  I simply had to reset it.  That was it and it's never done it again.

Even my 6 year old grandson can use a Kindle without it being complicated for him.

3.  Online Account Management

I can manage my devices on  We are a family of Kindle users. To be perfectly honest, we have about 5 of them (I said I love them!).  I am able to manage each device and it's content without having the device in my hand.  This was an extremely important selling point for me since I have younger kids.  

I can go into their device, see what they've download and delete whatever I want.  It's genius!
I also discovered Kindle Unlimited which allows you to download certain books (an unlimted number of books) for $9.99 per month.  This was a much more economical solution for us given the number of Kindle's we have.

I don't think you'll be disappointed in your purchase.  We absolutely love our Kindle's.

For the best deals, head on over to



Even though we already have Kindle, I still love how physical books made an impact to me. The smell of the pages of the books makes me feel its value. I know Kindle is also nice for those who are always up and running because they can just bring their device with them and browse through it for their favorite book. But for us who preferred the physical books, I never gave any thought about the inconvenience for bringing a book wherever you go. I just wanted to feel the texture of the book while I'm reading.

10/25/2016 3:48pm

nice blog keep it up


IT is one of the most amazing phone that I've ever used, and Amazon had made quite good phones as well. They just need to promote their product more to show the people that what their product is.


Ok, I think you are right. I hope I won't regret this. It's a good recommendation.

05/18/2017 10:57am

The first and the only reason it is cost! Two times less than the others. They nailed the market!


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