Peace & Love!!
I don't know about you but I have a terrible time telling people no.    It's just not in my nature to say "I'm sorry but I don't have time".  I think it and then "Sure I can do that" comes spilling out of my mouth. 

The same is true for asking for help in return.  Somewhere in my mind I must think asking for help makes me less remarkable than I am.  ;)  Seriously, what else could it be??  

Really, there are many times that I want to say no or that I need help.  Why don't I speak up for myself?  

Well, I've started to and you can too.  Here are some tips on how:

1.  Just Say No

I know its difficult.  But try it.  You can do it without sounding mean or nasty.  And honestly, do you REALLY want to attend your best friends nieces dance recital??  Someone who truly cares about your well being will understand.  Someone who doesn't, will give you a hard time.  If that's the case, you might want to reevaluate that particular relationship.

This is going to take some practice and it will get easier with time.  I promise.

The important part is to remember that you count.  This is YOUR life and you have the right to determine how you spend your time.

2.  Set Boundaries 

Some people aren't going to accept your "no".  Honestly, you dont need to give them a lengthy explaination, make excuses or feel guilty.  Don't allow yourself to be bullied or shamed into changing your mind.

3.  Stick To Your Boundaries

Stand your ground, be consistent and kind and you will eventually get through to whomever it is that is demanding your (note...YOUR) time.  It will be uncomfortable for you at first but stick to your guns.

4.  Ask For Help

For whatever reason, we women have trouble asking for help.  The majority of us have "wonder woman" syndrome - we can do everything ourselves.  Unfortunately, most of the time, that simply isn't possible.  

I think the need to do everything stems from the need to feel "needed" and the more I have to do, the more needed I feel.  Insanity! 

We just need to get over it and ask for help.  Start small.  You cook dinner - have your family clean up.  You wash and dry the laundry - they fold and put it away.  You clean the toilet - they clean the sink.  

Trust me - it will make you feel better.

5.  Accept Help

Asking is a start.  

Now you need to let others help if they say they will and, listen closely, do not redo what they've done.  It's ok if something isn't done perfectly each and every time.  

Good luck!  
Peace & love!
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11/24/2016 4:06am

Standing up for yourself can be pretty difficult at times. Constantly trying to please other people in the end leads to stress and sometimes depression. You may also think that you are just being nice to others by keeping your emotions to yourself. However, by doing this, you are also depriving the people around you of the opportunity to know how you're feeling. There's nothing wrong with being assertive. Assertiveness is about expressing yourself clearly while showing concern for others. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!

12/01/2016 9:37pm

I really am agree with all the advise and tips given to this article. I've experience quite some scenarios where I really have to adjust and know when to step back and realize that there is more I can learn from staying behind so that I can get the entire picture. Whereas when you always push through, sometimes you don't get to understand the side of other people. Thank you for this.


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