Peace & Love!!
Hunter Robert has made his appearance weighting in at 8 lbs 3 ozs and measuring 22 inches long.  He is positively adorable and absolutely perfect!! 

I will post some pictures very soon.  This Nana is pooped - gonna have some tea & maybe take a nap.

Peace & love!!


01/19/2017 11:10am

Your post is like your words simply positively adorable and absolutely perfect thanks for posting these stuff.

02/10/2017 8:08pm

Congratulations to your blessing! The greatest blessing a couple would have is the baby. I know how happy you were when you first saw your baby. I 've experienced that too. It felt like I just saw a thousand, no a million of gold bars. It felt like I was just in heaven. I just can't explain it felt so wonderful. And you know what? I am having one again!


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