Peace & Love!!
I first and foremost want to apologize for my absence.  This has been one of the most difficult months of my life.   My heart is filled with absolute sadness.

The man that I have loved (for many years) and I have decided to part ways.  He is a narcissist and I was duped.  I know ultimately, this is for the best.  We are COMPLETE opposites and while opposites do attract, they also can, and generally do, implode.

When I say complete opposites I mean:  he smokes weed, I do not; he doesn't work, I do; he sleeps until 11:00AM, I'm up at 6:30AM; he believes respect is obligatory, I believe its earned; he thinks he gets points because "he never even cheated on me" and and I think there simply are no words for that statement.  Ultimately, he stole from me and that was the last straw.

And honestly, the list goes on and on.  I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago and ignored it.  I wanted to avoid the "icky" part of breaking up - the painful, gut wrenching, ache that you feel when you hurt.

Over past 5 years I have lost both of my parents, divorced my husband of 2o-some years, watched my daughter go through a horrible addiction and took custody of my grandson.  All while working and raising my other children.  I couldn't stand the thought of losing OneMorePerson.

But now I have.  

I'm on the other side of the "icky" part, still feeling the sting but not crying every 20 minutes.  It just sucks.

I am blessed with great kids, great friends and family and a strong will to survive - which I will.

For all of you struggling in a relationship, life is short.  Do what you need to do to be happy.  Even if that means in the short run, you have to be uncomfortable.  Every day I feel a little bit better and stronger. 

In the meantime, I will simply trust that this is what I must do.  That the universe knows what's best.  It's a process.

Peace and Love.



06/24/2016 7:13am

It is saddening that you have to go through the pain of breaking up. Actually, I recently broke up with the man that I loved for years. We realized that we were not that in love with each other anymore so we broke up. After a week, my friend told me that he was cheating on me and I wasn’t hurt at all because I knew all along that he would be like that. I’m glad that I wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of having my own man cheat on my face while he was with me. Just know that your friends and your family will be with you in every step of the way. Trust me, it will all be okay and you will soon realize that the right man is just waiting for you at the right place and at the right time.

12/27/2016 8:26pm

Shame on that man. He wasted a very beautiful and strong woman like you. And by the way, please don't lock yourself up again, not ever again. You're fine even before you guys met. If you're really depressed, you have your parents and your friends. Tell them and surely they will give you the comfort that you need. You're never alone, you always have them by your side. This is also a good thing, that you've shared your story to us. I know it's hard, really, but at least you've released all that burden you have in your chest. You can do this! Keep fighting. Bring that smile back on your face and show that man that you don't need him.


Moving was never easy for everybody, things are hard every single thing for you is hard, your body feels weak like you don't want to make a single move. In life, everything has its process that we need to take in order for us to really get over into something, but of course the process, we expect is different from the one that is planned for us. I know it is hard, but I can say everything is worth it, you can do it because i believe we are all stronger than we think. Trust the process, Okay?

07/24/2016 5:20am

Never say die! Break up is just a part of a social life.

12/19/2016 5:38am

Hope now you feel yourself much better! Don't be sad, please!

06/20/2017 12:42am

This story is kinda sad and as a woman, I feel sorry that you have to go through this pain but nevertheless, I believe that there is still a man that is for you, the one who will love you, accept you and will never hurt you, you just have to patiently wait for him. While waiting, I think you should first focus on your kids, your family and those who matters to you. Making time for yourself is important too, do what makes you happy and live life to the fullest! I really admire you for being a strong woman and a mother, you deserve only the best things in life! More powers!


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