Peace & Love!!
This weekend I decided to sort out some of my craft "stuff". I could start a small store. Apparently what happens is I put things away and forget where I put them (I'm get busy) and then go and buy more of the same thing. Sigh..............

I like to give at least one handmade gift for Christmas - SO instead of going out and purchasing more craft supplies, I am going to attempt to use what I have. My plan is to make a "basket of comfort" for each person on my list. <3

The first project is homemade Kahlua, which I started yesterday.  My next post will have the recipe and FREE recipe cards you can download to go with your Kahlua gift!!!  

My next project is going to be homemade handwarmers and heating pads.  I'll include instructions and pictures of all the projects!  

Peace & Love!  


05/25/2016 12:05pm

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