Peace & Love!!
This is my newest granddaughter Ryleigh.  She is sporting a handmade hat her grandmother lovingly created for her.  It took me less than 2 hours to make and it is SUPER cute.  I was going to wait to give it to her for Christmas but she needed one now.

Two hours isn't too bad - IF you don't count the time I spent unraveling it because I didn't think it looked good enough.  I am my worst critic.  The pattern has instructions for larger sizes and was very easy.  

Here is the link to get the pattern.



05/11/2016 12:05pm

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02/09/2017 9:03pm

Nice hat! She looks so sweet! I can't do the similar one, just don't know how to make it(


What a lovely baby. The pink crocheted baby hat really looks good to her. This kind of handmade stuff is the most precious thing that you could give to your love ones. Because they know that you do it with love. Thanks a lot for sharing your pattern with us. This is a big help for those people who have a baby. I hope that they enjoy doing this kind of thing.

06/13/2017 11:09pm

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