Peace & Love!!
I found the CUTEST chalk project on Pinterest recently.    It is a repurposed silver/metal tray painted with chalk paint ~ see my version below.....
What you need to complete one of these projects is:

- a silver/metal tray
- chalk paint
- printer (to print out lettering)

Below is an example of a tray I found.
Wash the tray thoroughly and apply your chalk paint - let dry and apply your lettering by putting chalk on the back side of the word, place it where you want and trace over the letters.  This will transfer the chalk to the black chalk paint so you can then paint on your letters.   I free hand drew the border.  Easy peasy!!!  I also covered the "Love" tray with a matt varnish.

The clipboard below is 6inx4in and isn't sealed so it can be written on with chalk.  Happy crafting!!!!

If you aren't feeling crafty, you can hop on over to my Etsy shop and purchase these items!!!  Search for SoulSistersUnleashed!
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